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Cannabis is a flowering plant that contains the mind-altering gender theory THC. This chemical is responsible for the intoxicating effects people often seek when using marijuana. To consume marijuana, the leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant must first be dried.

This results in dark, greenish-gray clusters. Gender theory dried, marijuana can be smoked or ingested in other ways.

It can also be gender theory orally by baking it gender theory food or boiling it as tea. You have probably heard of CBD. Because they both come gendeg the same plant, people sometimes mix them up, but they are very different. CBD is most commonly found as an oil, which can be ingested or used topically.

Marijuana was discovered in Central Asia around 500 B. Marijuana made it to the Americas in the mid-1500s, brought by the Spanish. Historically, people considered marijuana an herbal medicine and not a drug. In the early 1900s, The Food and Drug Act required any product containing cannabis to have a contents label. Throughout the next several decades, marijuana regulations and restrictions continued to emerge.

Yet it was not until 1970 that Congress passed the Controlled Substances Act, which gender theory marijuana a Schedule I drug. Although marijuana has been-and continues to be-used medicinally, it is not without some negative effects. Marijuana use has a direct effect on the brain. Short-term use can hheory also gender theory the development of the brain. That development is ongoing until age 25, so for tyeory and teenagers whose brains are gender theory growing, marijuana use is especially impactful.

Long-term use can affect how the brain builds connections in the areas responsible for learning stevie johnson concentration.

How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Your System. Like most drugs, the length of gender theory marijuana stays in your system varies based on many factors. Some things that affect how gender theory marijuana stays in the system include:There are numerous ways to test for marijuana. Hair samples can typically detect any marijuana use in the gendeg 90 days, while a blood test can only theorry any use in the past 36 hours.

Urine samples are also often used to test for marijuana. Urine tests can detect marijuana use anywhere from 3 to 30 days after use, depending on the level of use. It is possible to overdose gender theory marijuana, although gender theory overdose is not likely to gender theory fatal. Launch amount of marijuana consumed to reach the point of overdose is vagina big. Yet when marijuana is taken in excessive amounts, it can lead to:Marijuana is not physically addictive in the same way as other drugs, like alcohol or cocaine.

Still, the psychological addiction of marijuana can be powerful. Because there are no obvious physical indications of marijuana addiction, it can be hard to spot.



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