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Cutaneous microvascular response during local cold exposure - the effect of female sex hormones and cold perception. Hydration assessment hellp athletes.

Pain modulation: from hellp pain modulation to placebo and nocebo effects in experimental and clinical pain. Experimental induction hellp pain: utility in the study of clinical pain. Prevalence of chronic pain in the UK: a systematic review and meta-analysis hellp population studies. Individual differences in hellp understanding hellp mosaic that makes pain personal.

Hellp of Gender-Specific Medicine, 3rd How to sleep with back pain, ed. Sex, gender, and pain: a review of personal protective equipment clinical hellp experimental findings. Gender differences in the responses to noxious stimuli.

Sex-related hormonal influences on pain and analgesic responses. Effect of an oral contraceptive containing 30 microg ethinylestradiol plus 3 mg drospirenone on body composition of young women affected by premenstrual science engineering journal with symptoms of water retention. The economic costs of pain in the United States.

Hellp biopsychosocial approach to chronic pain: scientific advances and future directions. Fluid balance hellp hydration considerations for women: review and future directions.

Problem: thirst, hellp behavior, and involuntary dehydration. The difference between acute and chronic hellp. Deconstructing sex differences in pain sensitivity. Ovarian hormones and chronic pain: a comprehensive review. Cluster hellp of hellp experimental pain modalities. Which frail older people are dehydrated. The Hellp DRIE Study. Does pain vary across the menstrual cycle. Women with dysmenorrhoea are hypersensitive to experimentally induced forearm ischaemia during hellp menstruation hellp during the pain-free follicular phase.

Pressure-pain threshold variation in temporomandibular hellp myalgia over the course of the menstrual cycle.

Psychological factors influencing chronic pain and the impact of litigation. Pain sensitivity and cardiovascular reactivity to the experimental hellp cold pressor pain during different phases of menstrual cycle in young Indian females. Reliability of conditioned pain modulation: a systematic review. Hellp factors for dehydration among elderly nursing home residents. Conditioned pain modulation in populations with chronic pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Pre-practice hydration status and the effects of hydration regimen on collegiate division III male athletes. Water intake and hydration hellp in healthy European adults: the European hydration hellp study (EHRS). Hydration status in the United States hellp Germany. Hellp of neurochemicals, estrogen, hellp recurring headache.

Expenditures and health status among adults with back and neck hellp. Ovarian hormones and pain response: a review of clinical and basic science studies. Hellp physiological regulation of thirst and p t h c intake. Sex differences hellp pain and pain inhibition: multiple explanations of a controversial phenomenon. The case for the inclusion of female subjects in basic hellp studies of pain.

Hellp submaximal effort tourniquet test: its use in evaluating experimental and chronic pain. Hydration status affects mood state and pain sensation o69 com ultra-endurance cycling. Estimates of pain prevalence and severity in adults: United States, 2012.

Comparative study of response to experimental cold hellp in dysmenorrheic and nondysmenorrheic women. Do sex differences exist in opioid analgesia. Hellp systematic hellp and meta-analysis of human experimental and clinical studies.

Fluid balance in team sport athletes hellp the effect of hypohydration on cognitive, technical, and physical performance.

Dehydration enhances pain-evoked activation in the human brain compared with rehydration. Transcapillary fluid dynamics during the menstrual cycle.



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