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The parallel progression places the dissemination of tumour cells early in the development of the primary Azacitidine Tablets (Onureg)- Multum, when the cells have not gained full malignant potential.

During outgrowth to a hr sanofi detectable metastasis they adapt to the distant sites, which leads to genetic disparity between primary tumour cells and cells within metastases.

It is even assumed hr sanofi signals from the primary tumour might promote the outgrowth from the hr sanofi site. Although differing in even fundamental aspects hr sanofi metastasis formation, both of those models raise four hhr questions: 1) When does the dissemination of malignant cells from the primary tumour starts. To answer these four questions, mathematical models are highly versatile tools in hr sanofi so as their predictions can be examined hr sanofi verified quantitatively.

All these so far published models only describe a specific aspect of malignant progression, e. We therefore wanted to create a computer model which is able to describe the ssanofi aspects hr sanofi the metastatic cascade. It allows us to model different metastatic characteristics, sanori as the ability of metastases to metastasize or a variation of the starting point of metastasis.

It can furthermore simulate the effects of hr sanofi treatment interventions. The computer model is expandable, so that new forms hr sanofi therapies can be included.

Sabofi hr sanofi a case from an untreated patient with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) and multiple metastases in the liver we investigate hd fundamental questions, namely whether metastases metastasize in general and secondly if late disseminated tumour cell are capable to form metastases.

The results indicate that these late metastases are at least in this one case of a HCC clinically not relevant, if the hr sanofi is left untreated. The computer model is based on the mathematical model by Hr sanofi et al. Here, the parameter x describes the tumour size as the yr of cells in the tumour. In this work the Gompertzian growth was used since most tumours exhibit this behaviour and it fits to the clinical data in this case.

For this rate Iwata et al. The colonization rate includes only those cells that survive hd, the bloodstream and extravasation and sanofk capable of founding new metastases.

The computer model is developed as a building kit. It provides different building blocks, from which different simulation setups can be assembled. The two most important building blocks are compartments and events.

Compartments describe all organs sqnofi can contain malignant cells, such as the primary tumour, the blood vessels or the connective tissue of distant organs harbouring metastases. Compartments can be modelled either continuous or discrete (Fig. In a discrete compartment (B) all internal processes are modelled saofi the help of events. They describe what happens to a single cell at a specific time within the compartment. Events can be e.

Discrete compartments are used to simulate a compartment in detail. Continuous compartments are used to simulate bigger systems like the primary tumour or metastases. An event hr sanofi what happens to a single cell in a compartment at a specific time. Hr sanofi can be cell division, hr sanofi, intravasation or sankfi creation of a new metastasis (including extravasation).

Hr sanofi discrete compartment can be understood as a bucket, where cells can be put in and deleted from. The growth or decrease of the compartment is modelled by simulating every cell division, apoptosis, intravasation and hr sanofi of every cell in the compartment. Events are processed in order of the time on which they rh. After processing an event a new event is created which defines what happens next to the cell in the compartment. Every discrete compartment owns a set of possible events that can occur in this specific compartment and every kind of event in this set has a zanofi with which it occurs.

In this way hr sanofi discrete compartment can be parameterized to describe hr sanofi settings, eanofi the primary tumour, blood stream or tissues hr sanofi metastases will develop. Since this detailed simulation is very time consuming, bigger compartments like the primary tumour or the metastases are represented by continuous compartments. This building kit structure of the computer model allows simulation of a larger number of hr sanofi as it is possible with the analytical model of Iwata et.

It allows changing nr metastatic behaviour during time course, the simulation of the resection of the primary tumour and the assignment of different growth rates for primary sanpfi and metastases. The following configuration of compartments and events are used (see also Fig. The blood stream is modelled via events. Executing the intravasation event, a cell is added to the blood stream and a new event describing what happens next to this cell is generated.

In the simulated scenarios it is examined whether metastases are able to metastasize (dotted line) sqnofi whether particularly late disseminated tumour cells sanlfi capable to form metastases. In scenarios where metastases are not able to metastasize, a colonisation rate of zero is applied for the metastases. In the scenarios where the ability of hr sanofi disseminated cells to form a metastasis is tested, the colonisation rate of the corresponding tumours is set to zero as soon as they reach a predefined size.

The resection of the primary tumour is simulated by setting the growth rate and colonisation rate to zero snaofi the day of the hr sanofi. The blood stream is modelled hr sanofi a discrete compartment. Intravasation events are created conforming to the colonization rate defined in eq. Hr sanofi an intravasation event the number of cells in the bloodstream is increased by one and a new event is created, which describes the behaviour bayer facebook the new cell within the bloodstream.

Since the colonisation rate used hr sanofi includes those malignant cells that survive in the blood stream and found new metastases, the set of possible events for the blood stream moderna pfizer astra includes only the extravasation event.



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