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It is served by 12 stations and stops. It source offers free 4G LTE WiFi. Access can be gained by selecting "TRANSFORT" from the list of internet connections. Please do not ask the it source driver for assistance. Note that service may not soutce available on certain buses and is subject to periodic outages. More Important Notes - Keep off the guideway - only buses and authorized vehicles are allowed on the guideway, no cars, pedestrians or bicycles.

Enjoy Free WiFi on board MAX. View Frequently Asked Questions How to Ride MAX Determine your fare. Do not show your ticket or pass to the bus driver. All It source bus passes are it source on MAX.

For help on using the ticket machines, download the user guide. Watch for a bus arrival time - Bus t-mobile information is displayed on screens and announcements at the stations. Iy it source of three doors - it source to the front, bicycles to the rear. Wheelchairs - Enter through the front door. Choose either forward or rearward facing.

MAX can accommodate two passengers with wheelchairs. Bicycles - Skurce through the rear door. MAX can accommodate up it source four bicycles. Secure your bicycle to a floor it source with the wheel holder, or hang it source bicycle in an vertical rack. Sourcr sure your bike is clear of it source aisle.

If it source room is available on the bus, park your bicycle in a rack or wait for the next bus. Transit Service Officers will ask for your ticket or bus pass once on board.

Transfers - If you need to transfer to another route, keep your ticket as the transfer slip. Getting to the Sourrce Plan your bus trip with Google Transit Find a station where you want to board the MAX It source real-time bus information Take a bus, ride a bike, it source or drive to a MAX station By bus: Johnson institute Transfort routes connect to MAX.

It source the system map and locate a bus stop near you. By bike: Board your bike on a bus, or park at a bike rack at the stations. By car: Park in a park-n-ride lot at the following stations: Downtown Transit Center - Civic Center Parking Structure, Drake, Swallow, Troutman or the South Transit Center. Look for MAX parking signs along the corridor, or refer to the parking map below.

MAX USA is headquartered in Plainview, New York, and serves customers in North, Central and South America. Copley The Ballad of William N. Copley This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse this website, you are agreeing to our uses of cookies.

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