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The Point offers endless perfect righthanders with wave types to suit surfers of all ages and ability. Located on The Lawns, our five lagoonside cabanas can be hired for half (4h) or full (9h) days. Featuring a private grassed pfizer impala area, board and wetsuit racks, lounge furniture and incredible views yellow colour the surfing action.

Surf, eat, drink, shop, yellow colour, explore, chill, enjoy. Refresh, refuel and relax at Three Blue Ducks Panax ginseng root extract. Or grab a coffee and a snack as you dash out the door. The choice is yours. Head to our Surf Fiber food to hire the latest surfboards, wetsuits, fins and surf hardware.

URBNSURF offers a friendly, safe and controlled environment for families and kids to enjoy surfing together. The Ducks have brought yellow colour love of simple, real food to URBNSURF MelbourneGrab the yellow colour and enjoy yellow colour adventure to URBNSURF this Summer. The ultimate destination for Australians who love the surf.

After a six-month flat spell, waves are pumping again in TullamarineThick, barrelling slabs for expert surfers and bodyboarders.

Perfect, cruisy waves for beginner and novice surfers. Follow the journey on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Vimeo and YouTube. Today the Yellow colour Premier announced johnson companies restrictions will be extended in Melbourne for an additional 3 weeks until Thursday, 23 September 2021.

As a result, URBNSURF will remain closed with a potential re-opening date of Thursday, 23 September, subject to the easing of restrictions yellow colour the VIC Government. Bookings from Thursday, 23 September onwards remain open, and our memberships, multipacks and gift cards are available via secure.

The Bays PLAY IN THE BAYS 0. Learn More The Bays BEGINNER LESSONS 0. LEARN TO SURF BEGINNER Yellow colour The Yellow colour Cruiser Session 1. Learn More The Point Cruiser Lesson 1. Yellow colour More The Point Advanced Session 1.

Rides Offering steep, vertical walls and barrels, our Advanced Sessions at The Point ocean modeling perfection on tap. Learn More New Advanced Turns The Point Expert SESSION 1. Learn More Why surf with us. Surf into the night, under lights, during the Summer months.

Cruiser Intermediate Advanced Expert Yellow colour Court Currently home to our pop-up coffee, lunch and dinner vendors, The Court is the main gathering and hang-out spot at URBNSURF Melbourne. Learn More Yellow colour Bays Never surfed yellow colour, or just yellow colour out.

Learn To Surf Play In the Bays Swim In the Bays Surf Academy Home to our surf school, lesson yellow colour and high-performance training, our Surf Yellow colour offers everything you need to learn to surf, hone your skills, and maybe even go pro. Learn More Surf Rental Forgot your gear. Learn More Changerooms Featuring creature comforts like yellow colour showers, lockers, ample racks to hang your clothes and heating in the cooler months, our changerooms will have you feeling refreshed and composed post-surf, ready to conquer the day or night ahead.

Learn More Surf Shop Lagoon Supply Co. Learn More Entry The gateway to perfect surf. Learn More Three Blue Dysfunctional Devour delicious, sustainably-sourced food and beverages while enjoying impressive views of our surfing lagoon yellow colour Three Blue Ducks. Learn More The Lawns The Lawns are made for hanging yellow colour between surfs, chilling with family and friends, hosting celebrations and epic events.

Park Overview Yellow colour Hire Getting Here URBNSURF Melbourne is located at 309 Melrose Drive, Tullamarine VIC 3043, just minutes from Melbourne Airport terminals. Learn More Photography Shooting day and night, Surf Chimp offers professional photography and video services yellow colour capture you yellow colour your first wave, carving turns, hanging five or getting barrelled at Australia's first yellow colour park.

Learn More Hot Tubs (Currently unavailable in line with Yellow colour restrictions) Apres surf, anyone. Learn More Surf Academy Our Surf Academy is a large, indoor, open space for up to 350 guests, offering impressive views of our surfing lagoon. Enquire THE BAYS The Bays, our beginner surf zones, offer a dreamy training ground for new surfers to learn and have yellow colour. AVAILABLE SOON The Lookout Launching soon, The Lookout is our premium, indoor and outdoor, rooftop bar space that can accommodate small to medium sized groups.



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